Non-A.C.E. Courses

Students working on A.C.E. certificates must have 75% A.C.E. content. This means that there is room for alternative courses. If you want your children to do some other course you can submit an application to the Academic Council via me. Application Forms are on the website. It costs $5.00 per credit to apply. If you look at the FACE website you will find that there is a document outlining all the courses which have already been approved. If it has already been approved you still need to submit an application form with your $5.00.

I have submitted several courses to the Academic Council and they are now counted as Local School Courses. You will see the list of these below. The implications regarding these HENZ Local School Courses are:  You don’t have to send an application form for any of these courses, you don’t have to pay the $5.00 and you will have to send in the tests to us for moderation like any A.C.E. test.

For any student contemplating a career in any area of medicine; doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, etc. I would recommend that they do the Apologia Advanced Biology as a biology course at a higher level than the A.C.E. biology may be needed.

HENZ Local School Courses

Each of the following courses can earn one credit on an ACE Certificate, except for the Cheryl Price computing curses which are worth half a credit per course.


Saxon 8/7
Saxon Algebra 1/2
Saxon Algebra II
Saxon Calculus
Math-U-See Zeta
Math-U-See Trigonometry
Math-U-See Geometry


Apologia Physical Science
Apologia Biology
Apologia Chemistry
Apologia Physics
Apologia Advanced Biology

Computing: Cheryl Price:

Microsoft Word Level 1
Microsoft Excell


Family & Consumer Science- Alpha & Omega