Literature Credit

The Level 1 ACE Certificate has a requirement for one literature credit. This can be met by Basic Literature 8 (1/2 credit) and Basic Literature 9 (1/2 credit). However, if you want a larger selection of books to choose from you can select any of the books from the Alternative Literature list below. You can mix and match taking some books from all three lists as long as twelve books are studied. If you go to the Resource menu you will see the secondary books listed for you to borrow if you wish. At this stage the Alternative Literature books are not on the website but in the list below the ones with an asterisk are in my resource library for you to borrow if you so desire. If you would like to do any of the books from the Alternative Literature List you will also need the Study Guide which I will provide you with.  Most of these study guides have an essay question at the end which is the assessment – there is no test for most of them. If you want more information about any of the books feel free to ask.

Fanny Crosby – One Who Saw Life Through Rose Coloured Eardrums Ethel Barrett
*        Love Dad Josh McDowell
* Smith Wigglesworth And The Secret Of His Power Albert Hibbert
*        Vanya Myra Grant
*From Gutter To Glory Thomas A Varney
*I Dared To Call Him Father Bilquis Sheikh
Bamboo In Winter
* Horseman Of The King Cyril Davey
*Piercing The Darkness Frank E Peretti
* Hinds’ Feet On High Places Hannah Hurnard
* Henry’s Red Sea Barbara Smucker
Young Man In A Hurry Iris Clifton
*Prophet Of The Pacific Margaret Kabell
Brucho Bruce Olsen
* The Man with the Bird on His Head John Rush
* Poetry Unit Angelene Goodman: This unit studies a few poems – from a Shakespeare sonnet, a Wilfred Owen WW1 poem, to lyrics from a modern Christian song and uses them to illustrate different concepts about poetry.
* To Kill a Mockingbird Lee Harper: This is quite an extensive study guide so is counted as 2 books because of the amount of work involved.