How to Use Goal Cards

The Goal Card is used by the student to define the daily goals they are required to complete for each subject. When a student enters their goals in the form of the page numbers they are committing themselves to complete that goal the following school day.
Each day, as a student completes his goals in each subject, he draws a diagonal line through each completed goal and enters reasonable goals for the next day.
The students Goal Card should be pinned on the bulletin board in front of him so that it is always visible to both the student and supervisor (parent).
Below I have produced a Goal Card to show how the child should fill it in.

Sample  Goal Card
Notice on the example above the following things:
A. The 6 core subjects are entered. Always start with Maths and English. Other elective subjects can also be entered.
B. Week 3 shows which week of the term it is.
C. Page numbers are kept clear and legible.
D. Goals are crossed off by a diagonal line using a ruler.
E. S.T. = Self Test instead of page numbers and P.T. = PACE Test.
This example shows that it is Wednesday on Week 3 and Tony has completed Maths, English and Literature and Creative Writing, but has not yet completed social Studies, Science or Word Building. His goals for Thursday are only written up in the subjects he has completed. You would expect to see the goal card like the example at approximately 11 a.m. on Wednesday.
The three important rules are that they must be kept: