Introducing HENZ

HENZ — or Home Education New Zealand is a business providing resources and services to the Home School community within New Zealand specifically for Kiwis. Primarily we provide access to the A.C.E Curriculum and a support structure for Caregivers and parents.

Those registered with HENZ Homeschool Service will receive the following services/privileges:

  • Advice about homeschooling and the ACE curriculum and how to get started
  • Help a phone call or email away
  • Discount price on curriculum material
  • Resources to borrow or hire
  • Guidance for applying for Certificate of Exemption from the MOE.
  • Assistance with academic projections
  • Training in A.C.E. procedures
  • Professional marking of essays and projects
  • Moderation of student’s work
  • Term Reports
  • Access to the A.C.E. Secondary qualifications certificates
  • A.C.E. Educators’ Conventions
  • A.C.E. Student Conventions
  • A.C.E. Products Catalogue
  • A.C.E. Curriculum Scope and Sequence
  • Newsletters with helpful advice

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