What will my friends and family think?

Who has the responsibility for the education of your child: you or them? This may be a difficulty at the start but they are likely to support you when they see the good results it brings.

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What about social needs?

Most socialising at state schools can be negative anyway. Homeschooling provides unlimited opportunities for real socialising and learning together, not only with one's age mates, but with people of many different ages, abilities and backgrounds. Contrary to popular myth, children do not need large groups of peers to be socially content. One or two very [...]

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Is homeschooling legal?

It is compulsory for every child from 6-16 years to be enrolled at a registered school. However, parents or guardians have the right to apply for a Certificate of Exemption from Enrolment at a Registered School. Parents who gain a Certificate of Exemption are also exempt from having to follow the NZ Curriculum Framework Requirements. [...]

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Do I need a packaged curriculum?

Many families prefer a package curriculum like Accelerated Christian Education where curriculum content is pre-set. This eliminates any concerns about not covering important area of learning and also releases them from the pressure of constant preparation. Other families prefer to select their own resources from the range available in New Zealand.

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Can I homeschool a child with special needs?

Yes, you can, both legally and practically, however it can be more difficult to gain an exemption to homeschool a special needs child. Some of the greatest achievements in homeschooling have been by parents of special needs children.

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Can a parent who has no teacher training homeschool?

Neither are 90% or other homeschooling parents. It depends on what you mean by qualified. No one is more qualified to educate your children than you their parents. The vast majority of homeschooling parents are not professional teachers.

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