How Do I Start Using A.C.E.?

The first step we recommend is to register with Home Education NZ.  We can provide you with registration forms and further information about Home Education NZ and the A.C.E. curriculum at your request without an obligation to register.  You can use the online Registration Form and contact us if you wish to pay via internet banking for details on how to do this.

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To register using our online registration form, just click the button below and you'll be taken to the Registration Form - it's easy
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Alternatively you can open this link to access to pre-formated downloadable Registration form. Just print it out, fill it in and post it to us
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If you don’t already have an exemption from school request these exemption forms from the Ministry of Education.  The process of getting up and started with Home Education NZ will help you fill this out.

Once you have registered and paid the initial registration fee we will supply you with Parent’s Training and with Diagnostic Tests for your children.  Depending on how many children you need to diagnose and how high a priority you place on completing the training and diagnostic tests, we estimate that completing training and diagnostic tests can be completed in a week if you really want to get this stage done quickly.  Most families take a couple of weeks.

The children’s diagnostic tests will assist us in placing your children on the right level of A.C.E. material.  This prescription is valuable when you’re applying for your exemption as you can inform the MOE exactly what concepts your children will be covering in each subject.  The Parent’s Training also offers help with this exemption.

After you have completed the Parent’s Training and the children’s Diagnostic Tests we will send you a starter pack.  This pack includes the children’s prescription. We will prepare your first order in the form of an email which you can forward to SCEE.

Once you have the starter pack you are ready to start once your PACEs and score keys have arrived from S.C.E.E.

The whole process of registering with us to receiving your order of PACEs can take place within a month if you decide to get things done speedily.  However, we suggest you give yourself plenty of time to get these stages completed before you need to withdraw children from school or place them on A.C.E.  The time it takes to receive an exemption from school varies.


Families who wish to use the A.C.E. programme must consider the following costs.

Fees to an organisation such as Home Education NZ for the administration of your family’s needs.

  • The price of initial materials such as the training that parents or tutors need to complete and the diagnostic tests that each child needs to sit.
  • The cost of the curriculum material which families order from S.C.E.E., the distributor of A.C.E. materials to New Zealand and the South Pacific.

With Home Education NZ there is an Initial Family Registration Fee of $130 which includes the cost of the parent’s training.  In addition parents pay for diagnostic tests.  This cost will either be:

    • $16.25 per student for on-line diagnostic tests (only for students who can read). The Maths Diagnostic Tests will need to be the printed version.
    • $32 per student for the printed version of the Diagnostic Tests.

There are exceptions for parents who have already done A.C.E. training.  Instead of being $130 the Initial Registration fee will be $60.  Children already using A.C.E. will not need diagnostic tests.

This initial registration fee and diagnostic test cost covers the costs for initial material.

Families with Home Education NZ pay fees every 6 months to be affiliated with Home Education NZ and retain the discount S.C.E.E. offers to our customers on the purchase of A.C.E. material.  This fee is $164 every 6 months.  We usually issue the first account the month following the initial registration.

The cost of curriculum material varies from family to family and depends on the freight incurred on a particular order, the exchange rate and the specific resources you require.  We estimate that the material for a family with 1 child might cost about $920.  For 2 children the material might cost about $1,700.  These estimates are not exact figures, but are simply presented to give you some idea of costs. These costs can be offset by the homeschooling allowance received from the Ministry of Education.