NZ ACE Academic Council Home Educator’s Training Course

Welcome to the ACE family. I trust that your child will gain much from using this curriculum. To ensure this will be so it is a requirement that the supervising parent attends a two day training course.  The reason for this training requirement is to ensure that students gain the most out of the curriculum. ACE is a fantastic curriculum and has proven itself to be one of the most effective learning systems available today, when used correctly.

The NZ ACE Academic Council is also concerned about protecting the integrity of the various ACE certificates. The NZ ACE Academic council has successful gained acceptance for the various ACE Certificates among universities and tertiary institutions throughout NZ. This has been based not only on the academic excellence of the material but also the assurance that correct procedures are being followed and that all assessments are a true and accurate record of the students’ achievements. The parent training will help you more effective meet these conditions in a way that will protect the integrity of the certificates. This is particularly true when we issue certificates saying that a student has attained a particular standard of education.

I would like to summarize details related to the two day training course that is required of all home educators using the A.C.E. curriculum.

  • The training is officially called the NZ Academic Council Home Educator’s Training Course. This is to eliminate any confusion with other training courses. This name identifies it as being separated from other training.  e.g.  S.C.E.E. requires training for all staff in schools known as the full A.C.E. Staff Training course. Homeschool agencies require parents who initially register with them to complete some PACEs known as the homeschooler’s training course.
  • This training is required of the supervising parent before any NZ A.C.E. Certificates can be issued.  Home school agencies will also require that you return to them a completed A.C.E. Certificate Registration form when a student starts on secondary level PACEs (1085).  Both the registration form and the 2-day training are required before A.C.E. Certificates will be issued,
  • This training can be completed at any time while students are on primary level work but it is recommended it be completed as soon as possible. Those of you who have only just registered with an agency and are new to A.C.E. would gain great value from completing the training now regardless of the age of your child. Many who have attended already have expressed how they would have liked to attended one when their children were younger.  It must be completed by Year 9. ( PACE 1085)  Where students are already at secondary level the supervising parent needs to complete a training course as soon as possible.
  • Robert Steedman, previously NZ ACE Coordinator, took these courses for several years.  He has now resigned so is no longer taking the course. Before he resigned one of his Two-Day Training courses was taped so now the training is delivered via a set of DVDs.  There is a manual to fill in as the training is done and a final PACE Test has to be completed. This PACE Test should be sent into HENZ and a certificate will be issued. The training costs $40 and will be sent once you request it.
    Your home school agency is required to uphold a certain standard from their customers to maintain their accreditation to issue ACE Certificates.  Unless an exemption is granted there is no exception to the requirement that the supervising parent complete the two day training course.

The following are some testimonies:

To anyone contemplating attending one of these courses in your area, please do! Not only is what Robert teaches interesting and relevant, but as an added bonus you get to meet some really nice people who are all on the same wave-length. Thanks again Robert. Kind regards
Homeschooling parent

I found the training very motivating and inspiring. Having been homeschooling for many years I wasn’t sure if there would be anything much for me in it, but I found it so refreshing, especially to be reminded about why we’re doing this. It’s easy to get a bit complacent about things, but this pulled me up. The philosophy behind Christian education and going over the Christian worldview was so good. It’s not something you ever hear about in church, and in fact it probably wouldn’t be agreed with among many Christians, and was very timely. Since I’ve been home I’ve been going over the philosophy and worldview material with my 15 year old, and also my older children who have finished their schooling, and it’s been very appropriate for them too they’ve heard it before from me, but to hear good material presented in a different form has been very thought-provoking for them, as well as helping to consolidate it for them. I would love my 15 year old to  attend the training herself. In fact I think older students would find it very thought provoking, and should be highly encouraged to attend.
Thanks again.
Homeschooling parent

Thank you for your encouraging input at the ACE training seminar in Blenheim. I appreciated the professional delivery and the clear and concise instruction. Straightaway I am implementing what I learned. Following procedures more carefully is already showing positive results in my children. I am so glad I was able to attend. It was fun. I would like to see others encouraged by what we have experienced. I would like to add that when my kids grumbled about my persistence with scoring and goal chart procedures, I just passed the responsibility back onto “The ACE Training” and they readily accepted the authority of that without complaining. Everything runs more smoothly and the atmosphere is more relaxed.
Homeschooling parent

Please send in a registration form to me. I look forward to meeting you at a training course some time.

Robert Steedman

A.C.E. Coordinator for NZ, Cook Is., Vanuatu & Tonga.
Box 7050 Maungatapu, Tauranga 3148
Ph: 075446420    Fax:  075446421