News Briefs

Term Dates

Term Dates for 2019 Start Ending
Term 1 Monday 28 January to Friday 12 April
Term 2 Monday 29 April to Friday 5 July
Term 3 Monday 22 July to Friday 27 September
Term 4 Monday 14 October to Friday 11 December

Ordering from SCEE

There is now the opportunity to do a web order. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Product Catalogue.

New Certificate Guidelines

There have been some changes with the A.C.E. Certificates. These new certificates come into force this year (2019). Students working on the old certificate guidelines can complete the certificate they have been working on, or in some cases switch to the new certificate guidelines depending on which option works best for them.  Students starting on certificate level work, or who have already begun on their certificate should receive from us this information and a proposed certificate pathway.

Literature & Creative Writing Resource Books Library

Most of you know that you can borrow the resource books for Literature & Creative Writing from me for the cost of postage.   At this stage  all the Literature & Creative Writing Books are up and Basic Literature 7 and the secondary literature. There are also some of the resource books for some of the electives now up too plus some of the DVDs for hire. If you don’t see there what you need it is worth while for you to contact me as we don’t have everything there yet. You do not have to log in to  to view the whole site, but if you are ordering books and want to register so you don’t have to fill in your details each time, you can do this. I do recommend that you keep your password somewhere safe as if you forget it, I don’t think I can find it for you. We’re still working out how that side will work but presume you would have to fill in a form to have your password emailed to you.

Although you have the option to borrow the books from me, you should also check if it would be cheaper to purchase your own copy of the books, especially if you have more than one child. Postage costs now mean it can cost you at least $7.60 to pay the postage both ways.

Upper Level Tests

In the upper level ACE courses the Self Test does not necessarily cover the material that will be tested in the PACE Test. Therefore to prepare well for these tests it is necessary to review the entire PACE. This warning is particularly relevant for Collectivism and History of Civilization I and II.

Maths Solution Keys

With the introduction of the 4th Edition PACEs and the new score keys there has also been a new addition which may be helpful to some of you. As well as the score keys there are solution keys. These can be helpful if you or your children get stuck with their Maths.

I have looked through the order forms and I cannot find them listed so if you wish to order them you should list them on the email to which you attach your order form.

These are the solution keys that are available along with their codes:

CEE406273  Maths 1073-1076

CEE406277 Maths 1077-1079

CEE406285 Maths 10851086

CEE406287 Maths 1087-1088

CEE406289 Maths 1089-1090

I have ordered a set of these so if you wish to view one or get stuck and need to see one urgently just contact me and for the cost of postage I will lend them to you.

Rosetta Stone Credits

Rosetta Stone Language Courses don’t count as SCEE/A.C.E. credits but they can be used as non-A.C.E. courses. Application for approval does not need to be sought for Rosetta Stone. Levels 1-3 are worth 1 credit and levels 4-5 are worth 2 credits. Hebrew is an exception as all levels are worth 2 credits. Students can earn a maximum of 4 Rosetta Stone credits toward each A.C.E. Certificate.