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Student Convention

For many students, both ACE homeschoolers and those in ACE schools, the highlight of their year is the annual A.C.E. Student Convention. Student Convention gives students the opportunity to hone and develop skills in various areas as they prepare items which they present at convention. There are events in ten categories; academic, manual arts, media arts, visual arts, combined, platform, music vocal, music instrumental, scripture and athletics. Participating in student convention gives families the opportunity to give their children a more comprehensive curriculum, avoiding the danger of education becoming just about completing PACEs. Each event is judged and judges make comments on their judging forms so students can see how they can improve.

Evening rallies offer the opportunity for students hear a Christian message and see some of the day’s outstanding performances. Many young people’s lives have been transformed at these rallies and through the development of skills and confidence when preparing and presenting items at convention.

The New Zealand 2018 convention will be held in Auckland from  September 10th – 14th.

Anyone interested in the next student convention should begin preparing now. It is very important if you are contemplating going that you get the latest Student Convention Guidelines as these explain each event and what the requirements are. To download the Student Convention Guidelines and for more information about student convention.

2018 New Zealand Regional ACE Student convention will be held from 10-14 September at Willow Park Christian Camp, Eastern Beach, Auckland (venue to be confirmed)