Important Website Links You May Need

The following are websites that you may need to know:

Virtual Progress Cards

The site where you can see your children’s virtual progress cards is:

I assign usernames and passwords for children when you register and I write these in the HENZ Home Educator’s Manual which you get once you are about to start.


This is the website administered by the NZ A.C.E. Academic Council and has information about the A.C.E. Certificates – including downloadable Certificate Guidelines and application forms. It also has up-to-date information on any Two-Day-Training courses coming up and has the registration forms for these.


Southern Cross Educational Enterprises Ltd (S.C.E.E.) is the company in Brisbane which has the contract from A.C.E. Ministries to sell A.C.E. material in the South Pacific. This is where you will be ordering all your material from. It is worthwhile visiting as there is a lot of interesting and helpful information on their website including information about Student Conventions (including latest guidelines for these), information about curriculum updates, downloadable Scope and Sequence, Products Catalogue and Order Forms and you can request a copy of the Sceelerator to be emailed to you.

A.C.E. Ministries

This is the website for the company in USA which produces the A.C.E. curriculum materials.