The ACE approach to learning to read is based upon teaching children the basic phonics sounds and training them how to put the sounds together to make up words.

A.C.E. has two programmes for children who do not know how to read.

  1. “Preschool with Ace and Christi” also known as Reading Readiness.
  2. “ABCs of A.C.E.”

Reading Readiness

This programme is also called “Preschool with Ace and Christi” but the term ‘pre-school’ can be confusing in New Zealand. Most schools in NZ using the A.C.E. curriculum use the Reading Readiness programme for their New Entrants students. It incorporates the use of 60 student PACEs covering the five core subjects and has sufficient activities for one year. The PACEs are filled with animal pictures, activities and full-colour picture stories encouraging your child to want to read. He or she will also learn social skills, the wonders of God’s world, and the reality of God’s love. It is an excellent preparation for the Learning to Read programme. It is suitable for children from 4 to 6, but is usually used for 5-year-olds.

ABCs of A.C.E.

The “Learning to Read” Programme lasts about 12-14 weeks and incorporates 12 PACEs i.e. Word Building PACEs I – 12. It is a multi-sensory, phonetic learning-to-read programme, designed to prepare a child for the individualized instruction of the A.C.E. PACEs. There are cartoon animal, songs and stories. These features help him learn letter sounds alphabet sequence and word relationships. Your child is helped in his physical and character development through poems, displays, and various activities.

Both programmes have easy to follow daily instructional manuals. Four volumes are available for the Reading Readiness programme and two volumes for the ABCs of A.C.E. Along with the outline of daily procedures each volume is full of activities, ideas and pictures that can be photocopied.

Parents need to complete the 'Reading Systems Training PACE' before starting either of these programmes.

Lynelle can assist with years of experience with these programmes

Reading Readiness Test

This is a test to determine if a child is ready to start the ABCs programme. Children should not start the ABCs of A.C.E. “Learning to Read” programme until they can achieve 90% on a Reading Readiness Test. Until then, they should remain on the Reading Readiness programme.

Acquiring Your Kit

Reading Readiness and ABCs of A.C.E. kits can either be purchased from S.C.E.E. or hired from HENZ.